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Terms-Information gain ratio

related material: 『Data Mining』-written by Ian H. Witten Category: Divide and conquer technique: Decision Tree Information Gain Ratio : In Decision Tree structure, the creation of child node for a property is decided by the most biggest information gain. But the information gain is tend to prefer the property from which the more properties can be… Read More »

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Terms – information, bit

related material: 『Data Mining』-written by Ian H, Witten Category: Divide and conquer technique Information Caculating (Decision Tree) Rules yes or no: one of both is 0 – information value = 0 yes & no: Same number –  max information value Information follows multistage property For instance, in case of info([2,3,4]) , a data might belonged to… Read More »

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[Data Mining] Basics Summary

Basics of Data Mining Summary * reference: An Introduction to Data Mining( Dr. Saed Sayad) * further readings: link Data Mining Process Overall: Problem Definition>Data Preparation>Data Exploration>Modeling>Evaluation>Deployment Explaining the past: Exploration>Univariate/Bivariate Predicting the future: Modeling>Classification/Regression/Clustering/Association Rules (Past) Exploration: Describing the data by means of statistical/visualization techs. Univariate Analysis: Variables could be either categorical: nominal and ordinal… Read More »

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