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GMAIL SMTP Relay Test using openssl(Windows Environment)

텔넷을 사용하여 SMTP 통신 테스트 방법(SMTP Test over Telnet) How to send email using simple SMTP commands via Gmail? 윈도우 openssl 설치(Installing openssl for windows) OpenSSL for Windows: Download Open the command window and go to the bin folder under the openssl downloaded run commands below


Then test to send email using… Read More »

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Workbench/J – Installing and Setup in Command Line

Integration between database & systems usually requires some multi purposed tool, which provides some way to implement the automation like the command line interface, batch commands and so forth. In such a case, Workbench/j could be a useful tool for that. By this tool, you can do anything what you want, so it’s one of… Read More »

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Windows 64bit 버전에서 Internet Explorer 32bit mode 실행하기

*참고: MSDN 질문하기- 인터넷 뱅킹을 안한지 꽤 되어서(맛폰으로만…) 은행사이트를 접속하니 32bit mode IE 를 이용하란다. 근데 x86 프로그램 폴더에서 IE 바로가기를 만들어도 안된다..ㅡㅡ;; 헐.. 잠시 멘붕..ㅡㅜ 위대하신 구글신께 문의한 결과, 위 링크의 내용에서 JENNIFERSOFT의 MVP 이신 SeongTae Jeong 님의 답변을 보면 다음과 같이 해결할 수 있다. 1. Registry 수정 Windows Registry의 HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main 의 TabProcGrowth… Read More »

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