Terms-C4.5(Pseudo Decision Tree Guidance System)

  • related material: 『Data Mining』-written by Ian H. Witten
  • Category: Divide and conquer technique: Decision Tree
  • Divide and conquer algorithms for Decision Tree
    • So called “Top-down Pseudo Decision Tree Guidance Method
    • Developed & improved J.Ross Quinlan(wiki)
    •  The scheme based on the information gain is identical with the ID3 scheme basically
    • The scheme which use the gain ratio is one of the improved scheme several times over years
    • Improvements are applied to the ID3 scheme in series, at last the practical, influential decision tree guidance system so called C4.5 is made.
    • C4.5 has a way to create a rule from the numerical attribute, the missing properties, the data processing method, and the tree that contains the error.

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