Conflict with qTranslate with bbPress

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Q) I try to make a multilingual website with WordPress and I have a bug (?) when I activate bbPress and qTranslate both.

Indeed, the bbPress’ menu in admin appears correctly when qTranslate is disabled, but disappears when both are activated. And if I try to go to the edit topic’s page, WordPress says to me I don’t have rights. I debug the allcaps WP_User property and I don’t find the edit_topics capability.

How can I fix that problem?

A) To solve this i have implemented the fix of barnabe in small plugin. This way I don’t have to edit the core of WordPress.

The plugin is available here:

But there’s a problem, the plugin installer in WP recognize this file as wrong compressed format, the plugin could not be installed.

So, decompress and compress again as “ZIP” format. It works.



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