Apache Tomcat Configuration Reference

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To register the resources to the web.xml…

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You can declare the characteristics of the resource to be returned for JNDI lookups of 


 elements in the web application deployment descriptor. You MUST also define the needed resource parameters as attributes of the 

 element, to configure the object factory to be used (if not known to Tomcat already), and the properties used to configure that object factory.

For example, you can create a resource definition like this:

This is equivalent to the inclusion of the following element in the web application deployment descriptor (


but does not require modification of the deployment descriptor to customize this value.

The valid attributes for a 

 element are as follows:

Attribute Description
Specify whether the web Application code signs on to the corresponding resource manager programatically, or whether the Container will sign on to the resource manager on behalf of the application. The value of this attribute must be   or  . This attribute is required if the web application will use a   element in the web application deployment descriptor, but is optional if the application uses a   instead.
Optional, human-readable description of this resource.
The name of the resource to be created, relative to the   context.
Specify whether connections obtained through this resource manager can be shared. The value of this attribute must be   or  . By default, connections are assumed to be shareable.
The fully qualified Java class name expected by the web application when it performs a lookup for this resource.

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